What is IdeaCooker?

in short, it helps you validate your idea before launch by interveiwing potential customers.

Who are we?

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and professionals who recognize the important role of idea validation before launching a product to market. The Lean Startup movement has had a large impact on how companies develop their products for the market. We are developing tools to fill this large gap. Without good market research, launching a product is like gambling and often a very expensive one.

We personally have failed and succeeded in launching ideas and understand the pains of closing a business after so much sweat, tears, and hopefully to build the business.

Why IdeaCooker?

IdeaCooker helps you:

Validate your idea for the market you are targeting

  • So many ideas seem great at first, but they don’t stand a chance when they hit the market. The situation is worse in the startup land because everything is new and there are no marketing team. The founders are the marketing team and the engineers behind the product.
  • But how do we actually test our ideas before launch? The lean startup concept tries to solve that problem, but there are shortcomings. In the lean startup methodology, you start with a simple product called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and test the idea with users to see whether they want it.
  • Even though the method is great in theory, it is hard in practice. Where do you find your customers? If you don’t need your customers personally, you have no easy way of testing your idea. IdeaCooker is here to help with that. We provide a network of early adopters who are interesten in testing and knowing about new ideas if exchange for a small amount of money.

How does it work?


Entrepreneurs sign up to the website to connect with a network of early adopters who enjoy learning about new ideas in exchange for a small amount of money. Entrepreneurs conduct customer interviews with their potential customers. These pilot customers are in the industry that the entrepreneur is looking to innovate and build a company. So, these customers know a thing or two about this industry and can help the entrepreneur solve the real problem and not a problem that they think is important.

Pilot customers

Pilot customers are professionals and even entrepreneurs who are looking to help other startups and early markets to form more efficiently. They charge some fee for being interviewed and be honest with you about your idea and your project.

How do I know that the pilot customer is not going to steal my idea?

First of all, in our terms and conditions an entrepreneur and pilot customer enter a non-disclosure agreement that the customer does not talk to anyone about the idea if they become aware of any trade secrets. However, entrepreneurs do not need to discuss any details about how their solution works. They just need to know about the existing problem in the market. As a rule of thumb, do not talk about the details and inner workings of your product with anyone outside your team, but talk openly about what you are doing and what problem you are trying to solve with anyone who is willing to listen. This will help you find deficiencies in your idea way before you spend a lot of resources on it.

How do I know that the pilot customer knows about the market?

We try to vet our pilot customers as much as possible, but it’s impossible to validate everyone’s credentials. One way is to look at their LinkedIn profile and making sure that they are who they say they are and the second way is by looking at their ratings and reviews. If a pilot customer claims to be someone they are not, it becomes transparent very easily and it will reflect on their reviews. In addition, our network is based on trust and we will ban anyone who we find is not honest about their background and knowledge.