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 am an Effective Business Leader and I always follow these 8 Traits in my professional, personal & social journey…

#Self-awareness-This is the most important characteristics of my personality and with this I easily able to understand my  own strengths and weaknesses in personal,professional & social life.

#Decisiveness-I am very confident about how to make sound decisions, quickly. I know the value in moving swiftly and confidently, even if I am not entirely certain of my direction because I know any direction is better than no direction.

#Fairness-I always treat others equally, no matter the circumstance, coz I personally believe without fairness, you have subjectivity and subjectivity is very difficult to scale.

#Enthusiasm-Being a leader, it’s my job not to tell, but to show those around you what enthusiasm and a true commitment to greatness looks like on a daily basis.

#Integrity-Earning the respect of your team without having to remind them of your seniority is the definition of integrity.

#Knowledge-If I want to remain a leader of my market, and within my own company it’s crucial that I keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening, and stay on top of relevant facts, figures, and best practices.

#Creativity / Imagination-There is a significant amount of creativity required in order to propel my business forward. Because often times, it’s not a straight line which means what’s required is not more hard work, but a different approach altogether.

#Endurance-I know very well that what’s more important than anything else in the world is the ability to persevere even when things go wrong.

Part of being a leader is learning to be alright with ambiguity. I won’t have all the answers. I won’t always know where to move next. I’ll  have my wins, and I’ll have my losses. But through it all, I can’t lose my sense of confidence.I have to always believe in myself and my ability to see things through to the end.

These all are so important in my personal, professional and social life which makes me as unique and indifferent.

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