Joe Prishna
September 2, 2021
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What should we do after coming up with an exciting new business idea?

The first thing that happens to us after coming up with a new idea is getting excited. The more excited we get about an idea, the more we just want to do it. Starting on a new and exciting idea is like falling in love at the first sight, exciting, pure, and wild. Those feelings are the exact same feelings that cause many relationships to fail after the initial flame is gone. What remains after that is the reality, facts, and how practical the relationship is. Whether or not the idea finds product-market fit depends on the market demand and how well the team can execute the vision.

If we fail to control the initial excitement, we may just build another dying startup. Usually, talking to someone after a great idea comes to my mind helps a great deal especially if they are knowledgeable and critical. Talking to someone who is related to you usually makes the matter worse. They do not want to hurt your feelings and inevitably encourage you to pursue the idea no matter how bad it is. The person who you talk to may even be a friend who is honest and critical, but may not have enough knowledge in the field. In other words, they may not be your customer and don’t have the problem that you are trying to solve with your solution.

The best way is to talk to your customers first after you come up with the idea. You don’t technically have customers when you come up with an idea, that is correct. However, you may have an idea about who will be using your product once it is out there. Where do you find your customers? LinkedIn? Before the birth of IdeaCooker, there was no place for entrepreneurs and tinkerers to find their customers and talk to them about their idea. Not only it is incredibly time-consuming and hard to open a conversation with a stranger on LinkedIn, but also people don’t talk about their personal lives on LinkedIn. For example, if you are a mom, you don’t mention that on your LinkedIn profile while you can do that on IdeaCooker.

Many users on our platform choose to share their profile information on our platform so you can have a better idea about their demographics if they choose to share that information. Since you don’t need to talk to many people who are your customers, you can always find people with a good amount of information on their profiles. You can learn a great deal about them by talking to them.

How do we talk to our customers to learn the most about our idea?

There are many articles on that on the internet and we have consolidated many of that material in a few blog posts. All you need is to look at the pdf template that we have made for you for free!

All you need to do is post a project on IdeaCooker and talk briefly about your idea (don’t give it away). Just tell what kind of customers or users you are looking for and they will find you and bid on your project. If you are in a rush and don’t want to wait, no problem! Just browse the profiles and invite the customers who meet your criteria to apply to your project. In less than 24 hours you should have enough customers or users to talk to.

Follow the questions below in the pdf file and don’t be afraid to ask a few personal questions from your customers if you want to make sure they are your target customers or not. BUT remind them that THEY DO NOT REQUIRE TO ANSWER THEM! Just be nice to them and they will help you validate your idea in no time.

This is an opportunity that we are extremely excited about! For the first time, we can quickly and cheaply research the market and only start building when we are sure there is a demand!! How awesome is that. Hey, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form here.

Happy discovering!!