How was your experience with your baby’s stroller? What was missing and what features you were hoping it had?

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Posted on May 30, 2022

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to be eligible to participate in this research, you have to have at least one baby and experience with a stroller. We’d like to know what you liked about your experience, what you hated about that stroller and how it can be improved.

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My baby stroller was white but I had wished it was blue or maybe green because my older son loves his baby sister so much that he will come and hold the stroller with paints on his hands just to smile at his sister.When I’m in the kitchen doing a little dinner my little girl will be crying helplessly with dish almost cooked and burning.i wish I have an electronic one with remote so I can be controlling it from any direction.

Asad khan

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Daiane Silva



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Tenho 3 fihos e utilizei 3 carrinhos de marcas diferentes com cada um deles.